August Hammill

I am a transmasc, disabled mixed-media artist, specializing in digital art and dragon design. I am a biology major with an interest in conservation and wetland ecology, primarily focused on peatlands and coastal marshes.

Commission Price Catalog

Commissions are only ever open on a per-slot basis, typically in small batches. My Patreon clients get first dibs on all of my slots, and remaining slots go public if not already taken. Details about what types of commissions being offered are available only on the original post, and may be limited in options compared to this full catalog. If you are interested in a commission type that is not offered on the original post or in this catalog, you are welcome to contact me to discuss pricing and availability. All prices are listed in USD.

Commission Pricing is subject to change at any time, and commission pricing quotes are only available when slots are open and are not a guarantee


Typically fashion or outfit oriented illustration of a pre-existing character. Paper toned with simple shading

— Fullbody only: Base price $150

Character Illustration

Detailed full color illustration of a pre-existing character. Complex painterly and cell shading with intricate linework. Can include props or flourish details upon request

— Fullbody: Base price $300
— Halfbody: Base price $250

Reference Sheet

Detailed full color illustration of a pre-existing character. No shading, base price includes only single fullbody and simple text. Additional details like the example require a complexity charge, outlined in the pricing below.

— Simple: Base price $300
— Complexity Charge: Approx. +$75 for each additional character illustration
— Complexity Charge: Approx. +$50 for additional text or design flourish

Custom Design

Detailed full color illustration of a new character. No shading, reference style fullbody. Different types of custom designs refer to the input requirement and amount of correspondence. More information about my design policies are available below

— Semi-Custom: Base price $300
— Full-Custom: Base price $400

About Me

I'm August E. Hammill, I am a wetland ecologist with a concentration plants native to peatlands - bogs mainly - and coastal marshes. I'm from south shore Massachusetts, and currently reside in Alabama for schooling at UA. I am a hobbyist artist, mainly working with digital art and traditional sculpting and craft material.